Why should I put security bars on the security door?

Why should I put security bars on the security door?

Why should I put security bars on the security door?

Why install safety bars on security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας? Security bars are one of the most effective ways to protect your home or business from would-be burglars. What is the first step in protecting and securing your home or business?

Of course make it as difficult as possible for the would-be burglar!

Because safety rails are ideal for this purpose and on the first level, they protect you just because they exist!

The first thing a burglar looks for is a place that will create as few difficulties as possible during the theft process. Therefore, an area protected by safety bars will not be in his first choices.

What exactly are safety bars and where are they installed?

Security bars are metal bars or bars (depending on the type) that are placed on doors or windows that we want to protect from intruders.

Their use is considered necessary in low-floor or ground-floor houses as access from windows and balcony doors is extremely easy and the strong protection offered by safety railings is required.

Of course, they can also be placed on entrance doors of houses or apartments, on elevator doors or on doors and openings of interior spaces that we wish to separate and secure.

Because in safety bars you have all the options you need

There are various types, designs, colors in the safety railings, so you can choose the one that suits your space from a technical as well as an aesthetic point of view.

There are 3 main types:

Collapsible railings

They provide you with the best security with open windows. They consist of 2mm galvanized sheet metal with a 2-point safety lock (reversed hook). They are manufactured in two versions, one-piece or hinged.

Fixed railings

Fixed railings are manufactured according to your preferences and the current conditions of the existing space.

They are the most economical and strong security solution. Compared to the folding ones, they are more economical but they do not open and close like the folding ones. Therefore they lose slightly in practicality. They are available in a wide range of colors.

Detachable bars

Detachable bars allow us to secure our windows and remove them when we wish. They consist of a solid tube Φ26mm and uprights 40x40mm with a safety key.

The appropriate choice should be made after consulting the skilled craftsman. After the autopsy and study of each space, he will be able to analyze the options you have and propose the best solution for you.

At Alfino Door, they also undertake special constructions depending on the needs of the space and your own wishes.

Prevention is the best protection

security door

Don’t wait for someone to break into your home before you decide to protect it. Identify security weaknesses and at least make it difficult for whoever decides to break into your property.

Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to protect our home or business.

The safety bars are capable to:

  • Prevent would-be burglars from choosing your premises
  • To delay them a long time in the process of breaking in, as a result of which they risk being noticed and arrested.

Do not hesitate to contact Alfino Door with any question.
Let them help you…

At Alfino Door they undertake the Free Study of your space for the installation of safety bars, security doors, security locks as well as special constructions.

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