What color should I paint the walls?

What color should I paint the walls?

Every day we receive many different stimuli with the result that our psychology has several fluctuations. Painting the walls is a great way to change our mood. Trust Gikas Painting Painters in New Jersey for this project.

Many people whose daily life is stressful find their inner peace in their personal space. Their home is also their refuge.

What can you do when you feel that your home is not calm?

There are many ways to achieve harmony in your home. One of the most basic elements that you should pay attention to is the shades you have chosen.

What are the best colors you can choose based on the experts?


We suggest light shades of purple. We are talking about a very intense color that evokes mystery and imagination. The best place to use it properly is the office space because it is spiritual, sophisticated and hegemonic. The triptych of success in business, in other words.

What shade should I paint the walls in New Jersey homes? These are the colors that elevate our psychology

Ideal for the bedroom as well, as research indicates that those who have their bedroom walls painted purple, tend to do more s e x.


Blue is the color of calm and serenity. As you will have noticed it prevails in hospitals because patients need to be in a calm psychological state.

It is a very right color for specific spaces. It inspires confidence and dignity so choose it fearlessly for any space you want. It would suit everyone perfectly.

What color should I paint the walls? These are the colors that elevate our psychology


A very intense and vibrant color that increases the appetite and desire for play. This color should be used sparingly.

It has a very positive effect on psychology and expresses youth, fun and excitement. So if you want to relive a child and find the vitality you have lost, it is the perfect choice.

What color should I paint the walls? These are the colors that elevate our psychology

Earth tones

All earth tones, such as brown, are adored and loved by many people. Automatically these colors offer a warmth to the space and is exactly what you need for painting in your living room and not only.

They inspire simplicity, seriousness and are quite friendly colors. The most used shade is coffee which because it is directly connected with nature exudes a stability.

So do not delay! If you do not have any of the colors we mentioned in your home you should have already started painting…

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