Troubleshooting and repair TV

Troubleshooting and repair TV

Troubleshooting and repair TV

Any disturbances in the operation of electronic devices cause concern and discomfort to their owners. And the appearance of different zones on the TV screen or on the computer screen does not allow you to enjoy the full view of the content. What should you do if lines appear on the screen? To determine the cause of the appearance of vertical and horizontal stripes on the TV screen, as well as to learn how to fix it, call – ΕΠΙΣΚΕΥΗ SERVICE ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΕΩΝ – to help you.

Determining the nature of the malfunction

First you need to check the reliability of the contact on all the connected sockets, check how tightly the cables are connected “inside” them and if the connectors themselves are clogged with dust. Then go to the TV menu, perform a full reset, and automatically adjust the image to avoid the possibility of software failures. If after all these manipulations the zones are maintained, then the problem is in the elements of the panel or in the TV itself.

As a result of these malfunctions, both vertical and horizontal stripes can appear on the TV screen, as the causes of their appearance in most cases are the same. Similar failures occur on all TVs and flagship products, such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Philips and so on, are not immune to them. Whatever their price, they are simply equipment that is subject to both internal and external influences.

As mentioned above, a malfunction can manifest in various forms. It can be one or more vertical stripes – black, white or multicoloured. Colour spots on the screen or horizontal lines of different colours and quantities. Read more about each individual case below. This will help diagnose the problem before contacting LCD repair technicians.

Thin vertical strip

If a narrow vertical bar appears on your TV screen, this may indicate a one-time error in the matrix. An elementary voltage drop can cause it. In the event of such a malfunction of the LCD TV, do not despair. Just turn off the TV and wait a while. The error disappears on its own.

Vertical lines of the same colour

The appearance of such interference on the screen already has more serious reasons. If one or more monochrome stripes appear on the screen, it means a failure of the panel itself. In this case, it is important to contact the service or call the major LCD TV repairman at home, as over time these zones will increase and then may occupy the entire screen area. But do not be too scared, because in the initial stage, the repair is still possible. In more advanced cases, a uterine replacement is required.

Colourful horizontal stripes, ripples, distortions images and stains

The appearance of such changes in the image means the loss of the connection of the contact cable to the screen matrix. You can solve this problem by reconnecting the contacts to the junction. There are now many materials – articles and videotapes for self-repair of various equipment.

However, it must be borne in mind that in these operations all operations are performed by professionals. And if you do not have the right qualifications, you are strongly discouraged to independently correct the malfunctions that caused coloured or white horizontal stripes to appear on the TV screen, since although the problem is not critical, a wrong move can significantly worsen the situation, which in any case will require the help of skilled craftsmen.

Thin horizontal stripe of white colour

His appearance means the failure to scan the TV staff. This can happen due to constant voltage drops, short circuits or lightning. From this, the contacts melt and cracks appear in the panel. Regarding the size of the repairs that will occur, it will be possible to judge only after the diagnosis of the damaged device by the master.

Black stripes

The appearance of vertical or horizontal black bars on the TV screen, in which no pixel is visible, means that the decoder is off. This distribution requires the most expensive repair, as the TV panel in this case is being replaced. If you do not contact the service, then, as in the above case, the defects will increase over the entire screen area.

How to prevent stripes from appearing on the screen?

To minimize the possibility of vertical and horizontal stripes appearing on the TV screen, you need to follow a few simple rules. Do not use an overly wet or damp cloth to wipe the appliance. Also, do not squeeze water or other liquids into it. It is important to avoid moisture inside the housing, as it can lead to contact closure or oxidation. If there is a need to wet clean the TV, it is best to apply the cleaning fluid directly to the fabric and then clean the appliance.

Periodic movement of equipment or other similar effects may damage the cables connected to it or their connectors. In addition, there is a risk of the device falling, which may lead to, in addition to external, internal damage. Repairing such a device can cost more than buying a new one. To avoid this, you must ensure maximum stability of the TV or use the wall mount.

You should also periodically clean the inside of the TV from dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Dust that builds up inside can lead to overheating of the loop, which worsens contact with a further failure of the matrix. This TV cleaner is much more useful than wiping dust off the case and screen.

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