The 2020 bag trends that are still here

The 2020 bag trends that are still here

The 2020 bag trends that are still here

Staying on top of fashion trends  is not an easy feat – it is good for you to want to get into the game and follow the 2020 trends in women’s handbags τσάντες γυναικείες–and wallets!

2020 fashion trends will be influenced by the latest catwalks and street style (if not youth culture-voice in VSCO girls and this renaissance of Crocs). According to the fashion week, we will see many bags, oversized bags, oversized bags, slouchy-oh shoes and leather bags that also return. The models were already promoting next year’s catwalks bags.

I have to say, if any of the fashion trends for 2020 are going to knock on your door, know that this will happen because we are already living the trends of 2020. In time we will understand. (It’s like a scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where Andy is picked up by the holy Miranda Priestly to make fun of some cerulean belts and undermine the filial influence that fashion has on our daily lives because he’s just an imperfect mortal who needed to open her eyes. Yes, that’s right.)

Every 2020 trend in bags! 

A new year requires a big renewal in our wardrobe. But, if this sounds scary, accessories are an easy way to start changing your style. From the catwalks of fashion week, there are many designs to choose from bucket bags and other trends that may not be for everyday occasions, but are eye-catching, look gorgeous – think micro wallets and clutches.

If you need new fashion inspiration for your handbag collection, browse all these dreamy handbags in different textures and materials to find your favorite.

 1. Sling Bags

These bags that are often intended for travel and excursions are rendered in blue-gray jersey have been significantly upgraded for 2020. This time, we will see waist bags in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Who said that women’s everyday clothing can not be stylish at the same time? Show off your femininity through trendy sling bags and walk around the shops comfortably, having with you the essentials and of course, with your hands free. What better way than to use your hands without worrying about your bag falling off your shoulder.

2. Mini Bags

Most likely you are already very familiar with the mini bag trend, but for 2020, the bags are getting smaller and smaller. They certainly won’t even fit your smartphone with the 6-inch screen, but they may fit your money and visa card, as well as a lipstick or tissues.

At a time when you can now pay even with your smartwatch and unlock your home, money and keys tend to be wasted. Follow the trends of the new era and surprise everyone around you with just a mini bag with you! Let them wonder where you have the rest of your belongings!

3. Tote Bags

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, enormous tote bags will also be the new 2020 trends. You could match them with a mini bag for convenience. If you are one of the women who cannot do without their basic accessories, then this bag is for you. Take your laptop or tablet with you, your cell phone, your cigarettes, your house and car keys, your cosmetics and whatever your soul desires. This bag fits everything!

4. Clutch Bags

Honestly, all the major designers put their own spin on the Clutche slouchy bag. For those women who want a discreet bag for the whole day and for any occasion, Clutch Bags are the ideal choice.You can also wear it at night with a fabulous outfit!

If you are looking for your dreamy bag then you sould visit the website There you will be able to find whatever style you are looking for and mind me when I say that you will not spend a fortune!

 5. Croc Bags

I feel very relieved to have kept that yolk embossed leather bag I bought a few years ago (and lost the proof of change). Here’s the time to make her happy! If you also want to follow the 2020 trends, find the one that suits you best in the online shop of

Will Trends 2020 adopt new types of women’s handbag? Of course, the new 2020 trends have a revolutionary style as they want to mark the beginning of a new decade. All the big fashion houses want to make their statement and create bags that will leave an era, will always be considered In fashion and will have a timeless value. The year 2020 is almost coming to its end and we have managed to see a lot of revolutionary and different trends. Some of them are the following:

  • Bucket type bags
  • Net sports bags
  • Unconventional Bags
  • Croissant Bags
  • Puffy skins
  • Shiny bags

I wish that you found this article insightful and that you will follow the trends of 2020! Until the next year’s trends are here, enjoy your women’s bags and let them complete your outfits!

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