C.I.A. Admits to Losing Informants

C.I.A. Admits to Losing Informants

The warning, according to all those who have read it, was generally aimed at entrance line company officers, the people involved most immediately in the recruiting and vetting of resources. The cable reminded C.I.A. circumstance officers to concentrate not just on recruiting sources, but also on stability challenges including vetting informants and evading adversarial intelligence products and services.

Among the the causes for the cable, according to individuals familiar with the document, was to prod C.I.A. situation officers to assume about steps they can choose on their own to do a far better occupation managing informants.

Former officers explained that there has to be much more aim on safety and counterintelligence, amid equally senior leaders and frontline staff, particularly when it will come to recruiting informants, which C.I.A. officers get in touch with brokers.

“No one at the finish of the working day is staying held accountable when things go south with an agent,” claimed Douglas London, a previous agency operative. “Sometimes there are things outside of our manage but there are also occasions of sloppiness and neglect and men and women in senior positions are never held responsible.”

Mr. London stated he was unaware of the cable. But his new e-book, “The Recruiter: Spying and the Misplaced Artwork of American Intelligence,” argues that the C.I.A.’s shift towards covert motion and paramilitary operations undermined classic espionage that depends on securely recruiting and managing brokers.

Globe wide messages to C.I.A. stations and bases that take note troubling tendencies or complications, or even warnings about counterintelligence troubles, are not unheard-of, according to former officials. Nonetheless, the memo outlining a particular range of informants arrested or killed by adversarial powers is an strange amount of element, 1 that alerts the worth of the current problems. Former officials claimed that counterintelligence officials normally like to retain these specifics solution even from the wide C.I.A. perform drive.

Questioned about the memo, a C.I.A. spokeswoman declined to remark.

Sheetal T. Patel, who last year turned the C.I.A.’s assistant director for counterintelligence and prospects that mission heart, has not been unwilling to mail out wide warnings to the C.I.A. group of recent and previous officers.

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