Best Drill Press for Wood

There are two basic varieties of the drill press that will you need to decide from – one is known as the bench mounted drill press and the other is the floor or freestanding drill press. The basic function of the drill press is to drill holes or make cuts in the work-pieces that you are using for your project. They are an extremely powerful and multi-purpose tool. They work great for piercing holes repeatedly in wood – and to an extent a bit of grinding and sanding. When it comes to dealing with larger workpieces, there is more accuracy required, and there may be larger objects needing to be drilled – In this case, it’s better to use the drill press rather than the usual handheld drills. But before you do, you should get to know how it works.



Difference Types of Drill Press

Today in the marketplace, there are a large variety of drill presses that are available – be it the standing variety or the bench mounted. Let us now consider the two main different types of the drill press. And it should be noted there’s also what’s known as a “mini drill press” which is ideal for crafts like jewelry.


The floor standing Drill Presses

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A standing drill press can be described as being a heavy  powerful piece of equipment. The motors that are attached to the standing drill press are in the range of ¾ to 1 horsepower range and they are designed to handle heavy large-scale intensive drilling work – for a variety of different materials. These types of machines are found more in industrial facilities and professional machine workshops. Due to the nature of the heavy work that it is designed to carry out the machine can cost tens of thousands of dollars. These are best generally for professionals who have a large budget.


Bench-top drill presses

The benchtop drill presses is much less heavy and more portable compared to the standing drill presses. Also, the cost of the bench top drill presses is comparatively lower. When it comes to the power, they are about 1/3 horsepower. They’re designed for small jobs using a much lighter material. Or larger jobs, just not on a huge industrial scale. There are certain bench top drill presses that can make a 1-inch hole in a 3-inch steel sheet. However, the drill presses that can achieve this are slow and also they are unable to keep this up for a long time. They are designed for tasks that are DIY-oriented. Using mostly materials like, light aluminium, sheet metal, plastic, etc.


Best Drill Press:
Below are some of the best drill presses that you might consider buying for your upcoming wood work project:

• RIKON 30-140 Bench Top
• WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press
• SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press
• WEN 4225 8.6-Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press
• WEN 4208 Drill Press



We have tried to provide some basic information about the different drill presses available for you. The final selection comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. how much space you have where the drill press would be installed… and last but not the least, the budget that you have set aside for your new beast.