Best Bench Grinder – An Overview

So you’re shopping for a new bench grinder? Great choice. They are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal, and have numerous uses from sharpening knives and blades to taking care of your metal-work projects. Choosing which bench grinder to buy can be tricky, and it depends on what sort of work you do. Whether you’re a professional, or just an amateur DIY type of person, there is a bench grinder out there for you. Our goal in this article is to help guide you towards the best bench grinder for your own projects.


Option #1 WEN 4276

You can find this bench grinder is several different sizes, so there’s a good model for every task. The most common are the 6 inch and 8 inch models (the 8-inch is ideal for bigger jobs). It is relatively compact (weighing in at 16lbs only), which means it’s easy to lug around with you from place to place. Despite the compact size it is still pretty powerful with a 2.1 Amp motor. It comes with both 60 grit and 30 grit wheels, which is especially useful for those who work with a lot of different materials.


Option #2 The SKIL 3380

The SKIL 3380-01 6 inch bench grinder is a great entry level machine at an affordable price. It comes equipped with a respectable 2.1 AMP motor which is able to produce around 3500 Revolution Per Minute speeds. Although this machine is priced at the lower end, professionals may find this a nice addition to their workshop also. The built in LED lights make for fantastic visibility in any location you put the machine. Overall this is a solid choice, from SKIL which is a well known and reliable brand.


Option #3 Dewalt DW758

This 8 inch bench grinder from dewalt is a fantastic choice for someone who needs a powerful and reliable machine. The impressive 0.75 Horse Power motor will be more than enough for around the house jobs, and even more demanding professional applications. This isn’t the cheapest option, but given it’s great performance it is pretty good value for money. Aside from these three options, check out these detailed bench grinder reviews if you need to get some more information before you buy.