5 tips to live the best sex of your life!

5 tips to live the best sex of your life!

5 tips to live the best sex of your life!

It’s not difficult, but as time goes on and the forced routine that makes it appear in your bed it makes sense for the sex sector to be affected as well. Golden diamond escorts give us some advise how keep our sex life awake and passionate.

There are 5 tips that if you keep them in mind, along with the desire to naturally keep your sex life alive and as intense as possible, you will never have to worry about your most personal moments. Do not be afraid to try them. Why not try a trio in bed or a sex toy!

Best sex tips for couples

  1. After sex and while you are both irritated, it is an opportunity to tease each other a little. Not only do a few of the known preliminaries again, but also use different accessories if you want to experiment and add something different to your sexual routine.
  2. Open the windows and close the curtains. Aside from the coolness it offers, it is a challenge to be heard by your neighbours. If you are very adventurous and have some outside space in your home, such as a yard in the back of the house where you can not easily see the eyes.
  3. Take advantage of your sofa to get closer. Since you spend several hours a day sitting there, take advantage of this time in your favour. Climb up on him and kiss him while your clit rests on his whip. Don’t worry about your sofa, you won’t mess it up! You will do all this while wearing your clothes. Then I leave it up to you…
  4. Talk to him dirty, both during sex and in messages or on the phone, when you tell him everything you want to do to you. The catchy vocabulary upset the men, so let the shame and take the naughty girl out of you.
  5. Find time for a vacation, even a weekend is enough. Do it as often as you can. Different shows will refresh both your relationship and your sex life.

Are you thinking of doing a trio? Everything you need to know!

It is the most common fantasy of men and women with different compositions. Are you discussing it with your partner?

It’s not as simple as you’d think (or as we’ve all seen in porn movies) so keep your mind on the steps and tips below to have the best sex of your life.

1. “Other love and other sex”

If you invite another woman to your bed, you can be absolutely sure that you will not be tempted to see her having sex with another. The same is true for your partner if you invite another man.

2. It’s not for everyday sex

The point is to get out of the routine of sex with your partner, not fall into another. If you get used to it and keep doing it then it will lose its importance.

3. Great attention to hygiene

No matter how hot things are, we never have unprotected sex!

4. Choose the escort very carefully

It is better to be with escorts greece you know in order to feel a familiarity and of course minimize any unpleasant surprises.

5. You have every right to stop it whenever you feel uncomfortable

Even at the last minute. No one is ever obliged to do something because his partner asks for it.

6. Don’t regret the moment

When you share it with your friends, surely someone will say something critical. Your honour and your pride! You don’t have to apologize to anyone for your erotic choices.

All the sex tips for the best oral sex of his life!

Do not hide behind our finger. Oral sex is a big deal for men and that is the point that tells them a lot about your sex performance. And why get bad reviews? Just try some of the tips below.

1. On your own pace

Do not rush and make quick moves. It is important to start slowly and steadily and increase speed to the end.

2. Don’t be monotonous

To follow the same pattern for a long time may be a little tiring. It has alternations, variety, kisses, caresses and touches.

3. Show him that you are enjoy it too

It’s all a matter of psychology and basically its own. Understanding that you do not do forced labour, but how you like it, thank you too.

4. Use your tongue

Especially at the top. With constant pattern and circular motions.

5. Surprise him with an ice cube

Put an ice cube in your mouth before you start. Your coolness and coolness will enhance their senses.

6. Kiss the buttocks

And yet various nerves inside his thighs can irritate him almost the same.

7. Look at him

Yes, he likes it. Look him in the eyes at that very moment.

Best sex tips for using anal sex toy

If you are one of those who always want to feel… full, but do not know how, we have the solution: Anal sex toy.

Anal sex toy, however, is very popular, with competent scientists stressing that it is used and when one wants to inflict on one or another the feeling of subjugation.

Scientists have found that the anal area also has several nerve endings that can provide orgasm and pleasure such as the vagina.

However, it is usually used in the context of preparations, in view of anal sex. As you understand, the use of anal sex toy serves various purposes with a common denominator your excitement and enjoyment.

The first time

If your curiosity is over and you finally want to try it out, there are three key things you need to do to ensure both the hygiene and sexual pleasure.

  1. Do not wait to use lubricant, condom etc. Experts emphasize that this way you reduce the pain while increasing the level of enjoyment.
  2. If this particular diode is not familiar with infiltration, games etc would be a good place to start. Of course, along the way, you can speed up!
  3. Make sure you wash it and disinfect it well before and after use to avoid possible infections or irritations.

Have fun and with… attention!

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