5 tips for successful bathroom renovation

5 tips for successful bathroom renovation

The bathroom can be a very small space in the house and to make it functional and comfortable, good planning is required from the beginning for its construction or renovation. Experts emphasize that you should not neglect the plumbing and electrical control when doing renovations and Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can give you advice about your bathroom renovation.

So if you have decided to make changes or replace some of the old sanitary ware or even the tiles and you do not know where to start, then the following are of interest to you. Here we have 5 tips for successful bathroom renovation.

Before you go into practice, make sure you consider some key issues that determine both the layout of the space and the end result in the bathroom. There are four key points that determine the design for the renovation at this stage. The layout (points of placement of sanitary ware, etc.), the lighting of the bathroom, its functionality and, finally, the aesthetic elements (decoration, mirrors, etc.) of the space. Below is a useful guide that will guide you to design your new bathroom, so that you have a beautiful space that is as attractive as it is useful.

1. Layout of space

The easiest and most economical way is to maintain the existing layout in plumbing, water supplies and sanitary ware, and selectively replace only some sanitary ware, such as the sink or basin, with newer, more modern models. You can also replace a built-in shower with a sleek shower enclosure.

If you want to radically change your bathroom, you need to consider how the space will be full before making any changes. Measure the dimensions of the new sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, washing machine correctly and decide where they will be placed, before the new plumbing design is done. The installation of new plumbing piping is a complex technical process and requires professional work and study. It also raises the cost of bathroom renovations, so the changes you make should not be mistaken.

2. Lighting in the bathroom

In a small space, which must be functional, clean and comfortable every day like the bathroom, lighting plays a big role. Think about how you will use each corner in the bathroom and make sure you have installed the lights in the right places. We usually light the mirror, because at that point we all want to have very good lighting – especially women for their makeup. But you can give a more personal style and light up your bathroom with hidden lighting. There are many techniques with drywall that can tastefully give a special lighting, such as where the bathtub is located.

3. Functionality

The bathroom is a very personal space and should be functional. The design of its renovation must take into account your own habits and preferences. These are the ones who will guide you. For example, what to do with the bathtub in your bathroom when you are not using it? You can replace it with an elegant glass shower.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with the rest of the family over the sink, is it time to add a second sink if space is available? The design and renovation of your bathroom require you to create a comfortable and functional space for you. Design based on your habits, your needs and your taste.

4. Aesthetics

The aesthetic elements in your remodeled bathroom come to complete the composition in the renovation of the space. Here you determine the decoration, according to your personal taste.

Tiles are a matter of personal taste and quality standards, especially for the floor. When planning for a bathroom renovation, you can consider endless combinations that will tie in a harmonious result, both on wall and floor tiles, as well as on batteries, towel rails and mirrors.

Combine the colors so that you have a cohesive look, whether it is a rustic bathroom in your country house, or one for an elegant and modern bathroom in a city apartment.

5. What is the most important tip for bathroom renovation? Plumbing

Even if you are renovating for purely aesthetic reasons, a hydraulic / electrical failure that you have not foreseen, may in the future force you to make repairs that cost expensive.

This is one of the tips for bathroom renovation that you should not ignore. It may save you valuable time (and money) in the future. In the renovation of your bathroom you should definitely include the change of all the plumbing piping & in no case leave old pipes. This must happen because the old networks & piping will need repair in a short time.

It is not an easy decision to renovate the whole bathroom. There are so many options for the work, materials, and even colors to choose from. In all this, you will definitely benefit from some bathroom renovation tips from the experts. Everything you need to know about bathroom renovation is here with our 4 tips for successful bathroom renovation! Αποφράξεις Αθήνα can help you with anything.

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