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Best Drill Press for Wood

There are two basic varieties of the drill press that will you need to decide from – one is known as the bench mounted drill press and the other is the floor or freestanding drill press. The basic function of the drill press is to drill holes or make cuts in the work-pieces that you are using for your project. They are an extremely powerful and multi-purpose tool. They work great for piercing holes repeatedly in wood – and to an extent a bit of grinding and sanding. When it comes to dealing with larger workpieces, there is more accuracy required, and there may be larger objects needing to be drilled – In this case, it’s better to use the drill press rather than the usual handheld drills. But before you do, you should get to know how it works.



Difference Types of Drill Press

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Best Hand Saw – How to find the top rated saw

If you’re working with wood chances are you own or are looking to buy a hand saw.  In most cases people use the hand saw instead of a power tool when you need a greater level of accuracy than can be achieved with, for example, the chain saw. Or it could be that you’re on a budget and can’t afford a big expensive power tool, and yet want to be able to saw through wood. That’s where the hand saw comes into play. Buying a new handsaw isn’t always an easy decision, because despite the simplicity of the tool, their are many different types with different pros and cons. The best hand saw should probably be made from high carbon steel so that the teeth keep their sharpness for a long time. Yet the blade also needs to be soft enough that it can flex and doesn’t cause binding issues. … Read the rest

Best Bench Grinder – An Overview

So you’re shopping for a new bench grinder? Great choice. They are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal, and have numerous uses from sharpening knives and blades to taking care of your metal-work projects. Choosing which bench grinder to buy can be tricky, and it depends on what sort of work you do. Whether you’re a professional, or just an amateur DIY type of person, there is a bench grinder out there for you. Our goal in this article is to help guide you towards the best bench grinder for your own projects.


Option #1 WEN 4276


You can find this bench grinder is several different sizes, so there’s a good model for every task. The most common are the 6 inch and 8 inch models (the 8-inch is ideal for bigger jobs). It is relatively compact (weighing in at 16lbs only), which means it’s … Read the rest

Guide to buying a drill press vise

When you’re using your drill press sometimes you will need some extra help to keep whatever you’re drilling securely in place. this is where a drill press vise comes in handy. There are numerous ways you can use a drill press vise, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re attached using a clamp to the work table, but more often they’re screwed into slots. To get the right drill press vise you need to take note of all of these subtle differences, but don’t worry we’re here to help. There are plenty of quality options available, but it’s best that you choose to purchase one from a reputable brand so you know that it’s going to last and is well-built. Most of the time the body of the drill press vise consists of cast iron, meaning that they’re actually quite sturdy and durable.

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Angle Grinder – a guide to this must have power tool

If you’re on the lookout for a new angle grinder then you’re in the right place. Choosing the right angle grinder can be a tough job. This is mostly because there are just so many choices out there, from different companies, and manufacturers. When you’re buying a new power tool it’s always best to purchase it from a well known brand. The thing that sets a good reliable brand like Milwaukee apart is that they’re built with a big emphasis on quality. There are also many other lesser known brands that make decent angle grinders, however I wouldn’t recommend these as you can’t know for sure that their quality control is up to scratch. Another important thing to note is that you should pick an angle grinder that comes with a good warranty in case of the unlikely event that it breaks down. The primary things to remember when you’re … Read the rest

How to Dig Out a Basement Under an Existing Home: DIY Basement Project

I bought a 1950’s cottage about two years ago which had about 950 square feet on the main floor and about 200 square feet in the half basement, and I need more living space. The attic is not tall enough to convert into living space and my yard is too small to expand out, so I decided to research the possibility of expanding my half basement into a full basement. To my surprise, there is a way to do it. If you are in a similar boat then read on.
Foundation Issues

The first hurdle that you will come across when evaluating if it is possible to dig out a basement in an existing home is the condition of the foundation and the type of geology you are dealing with. If you have an older home, like I do, then the foundation may be in bad shape and need to … Read the rest